Bible Way Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc.

453 S. Wheatland Ave., Cols, OH 43204             Call us: 614-272-7553
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Youth Ministries
Joshua Generation 
    Assist children ages 4-12 with learning about the ministry of Jesus Christ in a        exciting and hands on manner.

Young People's Union (Y.P.U.)
    Assist Pre-Teens and Teens ages 13-18 with learning, worship and
      recreational opportunities.  
Bibleway Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc Services
Music & Liturgical Arts Ministry
    Mass Choir, Youth Ensemble, Men of Faith Choir, Addicted to Jesus (A2J),
        Adult Choir.

Dance Ministries
    Bibleway Dancers, Anointed Blessings, Bibleway Mime Team

Rainbow Puppeteers
Adult Ministries
Men's Ministries

Women's Ministries

Media Ministry
Book Sales                $7.00
          The Marriage Handbook, The Oneness of the Godhead, Demonology, How to Receive the Holy Ghost without Tarrying

CD Sales                    $5.00